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An ULTRA Compact Display for today's control rooms

The Ультратонкие DLP® панели-A new chapter unveiled in the era of control room displays, where space comes at a premium.

В ногу со временем компания Delta представляет свои уникальные ультратонкие панели these tended to occupy huge amounts of space in control rooms. With modern control rooms’ getting smaller and smarter in size, increasingly a need for slim fit displays was envisioned among customers across all Применение be it utilities,Центры управления телекоммуникационными сетями, security & surveillance, traffic or Студии телевизионного и радиовещания.

Elevating the Videowall Технология to a whole new level, Delta brings to life the dream of many a control room designers, who always wished to have a low form factor displays with the inherent reliability intact ,to complement their state of the art control room center designs. With the launch of Ультратонкие DLP® панели, a never before whole new breed of Videowall displays built on the proven DLP® Технология, one can now overcome the many shortcomings of traditional Видеостены cubes. Some of these are summarized as below:-

  • Super slim factor<500mm depth for a screen size of 1107mm x 691 mm
  • WUXGA Native resolutions
  • Razor sharp text and images
  • Fully IP Addressable
  • High MTBF's
  • Host of input option both standard and optional
  • Multiple control options HQV Processing
  • High Contrast ratios
  • Intelligent Geometry alignment shortens installation timeline
  • SIMD Instructions set
  • Light Weight
  • 24x7 Compliant

Ультратонкие DLP® панели Product range

Rear Access WUXGA ULTRA SLIM Panel


Front Access WUXGA ULTRA SLIM Panel

Основные характеристики:

Ultra Slim Form Factor:
The best in the class, slimmest design in the rear projection DLP® Технология based Videowall family that, offers you the smallest footprint. The Ultra slim form factor of these panels add huge value in terms of savings in expensive real estate and provide an ideal solution for those space starved control rooms .


Cutting Edge Optics:
The breakthrough Lens Design Технология, a combination of aspheric and Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Lens Технология that provides you the crispest picture, high quality with sharp focus and image stability .Ensuring that the control rooms' operators can view extremely perfect, uniform and rich razor sharp images and text, Panel to Panel across the entire display.


An intelligent Auto Geometric Alignment for Pixel perfect alignment:
Powered by the best, WUXGA native resolution DMD chips, the inbuilt Auto Geometric Alignment Технология and combined Zoom, Focus and Lens shift features, enables you to have electronic adjustments for pixel-perfect alignment between individual panels with the least possible human intervention. Ensuring control room operators to attain a seamless picture image across the entire screen at all times with a quick installation set-up and saving on the installation costs & time.

Integrated Optical Engine Design:
With a unique compact and light-weight integrated engine module design that provides excellent heat conduction and also keeps it dust-free to ensure brilliant optical performance. Also ensuring that the accessibility and Maintenance is easy with reduced Mean time to Repair (MTTR) thus offering the lowest cost of ownership to the operator.


High performance & wider colour gamut with LED illumination:
Ультратонкие DLP® панелиs comes with high performance and high brightness RGB LED Lamps delivering you enhancements-both in image quality and cost of ownership compare to traditional LEDs for 24x7 operations. Boasting Dynamic high Contrast ratios, (upto1,500,000:1), undoubtedly, Delta’s Ультратонкие DLP® панелиs is the brightest Display solution available in the market.

Однородность изображения:
An auto-color calibration system based on a unique color sensor design that continuously monitors sensors in real time and automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness ensuring control room operators view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen at all times.


Best-in-class reliability with a High Mean time between Failure (MTBF) :
The unique combination of DLP expertise, in-house design and Delta’s unrelenting drive for quality and perfection ensures every Delta Видеостены has the highest levels of reliability with a high MTBF.

Fully IP addressable:
Truly networked, the Ultra Slim panels can be controlled and driven over LAN networks with specially developed Delta codecs offering high levels of compression with loss less quality. All Delta cubes are fully IP addressable with inbuilt diagnostic control. This provides the operator full control on the system.


Видеостены обратной проекции с UHP источником света

Традиционное исполнение: обратная проекция DLP с ламповым источником света

Видеостены обратной проекции с LED источником света

Обратная DLP проекция со светодиодном источником света

LCD видеостены

46″ LED panels which are tiled together with inter screen gap of less than 6.7mm


Для управления изображением применяются уникальные видеоконтроллеры

Программное обеспечение для видеоконтроллеров

Интуитивно понятный графический интерфейс, позволит обучить оператора максимально быстро

The Delta Difference

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