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Delta is committed to environmental protection and has implemented green, lead-free production and recycling and waste management programs for many years.

Frost & Sullivan presented the award in October 2009 and introduced Delta Electronics as a company committed to a continuous focus on reducing its dependency on non-renewable resources, decreasing its impact on climate change, and diminishing its overall ecological footprint. In addition, Delta Electronics was the world's first company to initiate a company-wide "Green Map" project that introduces sites, facilities, and accomplishments in terms of environmental friendliness and energy conservation. CNBC European Business magazine recently listed Delta Electronics as a "Global Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneer”.

Delta has an ecological pond and a hanging garden on the top floor of its headquarters building in Taipei. The idea was to preserve the ecology between the mountains and valley that existed before the industrial park was built. To limit the environmental impact, Delta decided to adopt green construction for its new Tianin plant in Taiwan which is first green building to meet all the nine criteria winning the Gold Rated Green Building label. This commitment continued with the Rudrapur factory in India also built on the gold rated green building criteria. Delta has announced that all future buildings will be green buildings. Delta’s commitment to the Green management is practiced till the type of recyclable material that could be used for dispatching Продукты to customers.


Delta Display Division, the leading visual technologies company is part of the USD 6.6 billion Delta Group. The Delta Display Division and the other business units of power management solutions, industrial automation, networking Продукты and renewable energy solutions manufacture superior Продукты for today and develop futuristic Продукты for a better tomorrow. Established in 1971, Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Thailand, Europe, Mexico, China, Taiwan and India.


Delta’s Corporate Culture has been instrumental in transforming a small factory with over ten employees to a multinational that employs more than 72000 people and operates in five continents of the world. Delta employees are encouraged to bear these values in mind when communicating internally and externally. At Delta, integrity is implicit and as the most basic quality a company or an individual should possess. Delta follows the highest moral standards and has strict rules for conduct of its employees. The top management sets an example for subordinates to follow, so that positive influences create a sound and positive working environment, and promote strong planning & execution capabilities.

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