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Ultra thin displays for compact rooms

46" LCD Super Narrow Bezel

See your message displayed bold, bright, and big. Delta’s ultra-thin LCD видеостены designed to provide you a space-friendly, high bright display, an ideal solution for demanding space-constrained control rooms. With a barely perceptible super narrow bezel of industry’s best 5.3 mm, the LCD screens can be stacked together to achieve large screen sizes, setting a new standard for large format, high-impact display solutions. Your message is as limitless as your imagination. The combination of rugged design and industrial-grade components and 700 nits’ high brightness & high contrast ratios can withstand the tough demands of commercial Применение for 24x7 operations. CCFL and LED illuminated LCD Screens deliver you an unsurpassed image quality with incredible color depth and contrast.

46" LCD Super Narrow Bezel

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Сверхтонкая конструкция:
A Nearly Perfect Seamless display form factor with barely perceptible super narrow bezel (space between individual LCD panels) .With Delta’s High performance LCD wall, your content will visually delight your audience uninterrupted without any breaks. Built with high quality industrial grade components for demanding 24x7 operating environments


Front Access & Streamline:
The streamline series utilizes light and thin panel that allows for safe wall mounting. With no need to remove a back case for maintenance, simply swap out the required module and you are ready to go. The front access series provides a unique front maintenance system which eliminates the need to make adjustments from the back of the screen.


Wide Viewing Angle:
Delta’s slim LCD design is further engineered to provide a wide viewing angle, resulting in superior image quality and outstanding color uniformity..

High Resolution:
Available in WXGA and Full HD resolutions, Delta’s high-resolution LCD walls are ideal for demanding control room environments where image quality and accuracy are of utmost importance.


CCFL and LED Light source Options:
Delta LCD displays provide exceptional contrast, colors and outstanding picture quality with an aesthetic appeal. Apart from the conventional CCFL based architecture models, the LCD models are also available with the latest LED backlight option. The key strengths of LED lighting are its long operational life and low power consumption.

Unified Control Box:
A versatile integrated control box and power module unit makes Delta’s LCD walls, highly fault tolerant solution offering a Low MTTR and High MTBF with high 24x7 reliability and ease of operation and maintenance.


Видеостены обратной проекции с UHP источником света

Традиционное исполнение: обратная проекция DLP с ламповым источником света

Видеостены обратной проекции с LED источником света

Обратная DLP проекция со светодиодном источником света


Для управления изображением применяются уникальные видеоконтроллеры

Программное обеспечение для видеоконтроллеров

Интуитивно понятный графический интерфейс, позволит обучить оператора максимально быстро

Ультратонкие DLP® панели

В ногу со временем компания Delta представляет свои уникальные ультратонкие панели
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