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Minicon-Embedded Vision Control System- A revolutionary Видеоконтроллеры

The MiNiCON processor is a fully real-time, lossless and embedded display wall controller for arrays of projectors, Видеостены display units or flat panel displays. Employing cutting-edge embedded computing Технология and a switch fabric architecture, the MiNiCON processor offers up to 150 Gbps of bandwidth, which is capable of supporting multiple high-resolution RGB/video signals and monitors with 32 bits per pixel at a solid 60 frames per second.

Основные характеристики:

All signals are captured, processed, transmitted, and displayed with digital format. Fully real-time video processing and No frame loss.


Embedded design:
Embedded computing system with high performance, robustness, security, and low power consumption that ensures Real-time display of all inputs, guaranteed under all conditions, without frame loss 


Performance & Flexibility :
DELTA’s motion-adaptive de-interlacing and scaling engine provides perfect video quality, with scalable windows that are freely sized and placed on the display wall. A full array of features includes dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders, titling, programmable layouts, and scheduled backgrounds

Supports multiple displays:
The MiniCon-S processor displays up to 8 screens with Max 16 inputs; the MiniCon-P displays up to 12 screens in a 3x4 / 2x6 array with Max 56 inputs.


Plug-and-play architecture:
No need to install any software on client computer for installation. . MinCon could be controlled with iPadTM / Touch-panel through network connection.

24/7 Operation robustness.
Packaged in rack-mountable enclosures with replaceable air filters and redundant power supplies, providing excellent solutions for challenging environments.

Product Name Minicon
Dimensions (H*W*D)   7” x 19" x 18.5" (17.7x48.3x47.0 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (15.9 Kg)
Front Panel Display   OLED panel with 256x64 pixels
Front Panel LED  Power 1x LED, Green
  Fan 1x LED, Green/Red
  Temp 1x LED, Green/Red
  Status 1x LED, Green/Red
System Architecture Non-blocking Switch Fabric with 150 Gbps bandwidth
Slot 15 slots (10 Gbps per slot, non-blocking bandwidth)
Communication  RS-232  4
  Ethernet 2x 1000M RJ-45 ports
Touch Panel Support    IP/RS-232 control protocols
External Frame Sync   1x BNC-F
Dual RGB/DVI Input Card (Optional)  
Inputs   Up to 28 inputs
Number/type   2x analog RGB/ DVI per card

Analog RGB with any sync type (composite, separate, sync on green)

Digital DVI
Clock Rate   Up to 165MHz
Resolution 800x600 to 1920x1200
Color   16/32 bits per pixel
Connector 2x DVI-I
Quad SD Video Input Card (Optional)  
Inputs Upto 56 inputs
Number/type 4x CVBS/S-Video per card
Format PAL, NTSC
De-interlacing   Motion adaptive de-interlacing, 3-2 pull down
Connector 4x composite BNC-F or S-Video
Dual DVI-I Output Card (Optional)  
Outputs   2-12 analog RGB/digital DVI outputs
Number/type   2x analog RGB/digital DVI per card
Clock Rate   Up to 165MHz
Resolution  800x600 to 1920x1200
Frame rate  60Hz
Color   16/32 bits per pixel
Connector 2x DVI-I connectors
Operating Range  
Operating  Temperature 0 - 40o C
Non-operating,  Temperature -10 - 66°C
Humidity                                                 10-90%, non-condensing
Altitude                                                  1,11,000 feet (3048 m)
Electrical Requirements  
Power                                              Dual redundant power suppliers
Input Voltage                                      100-240 VAC, auto-ranging power supply
Frequency                                           50/60 Hz
Power Consumption                           Max 650 Watts
Download Section
Minicon-Embedded Vision Control System Click to download


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